Our Secrets Ingredients For High-Performing Down Jackets

Our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment and in-house specialists guarantee each of your products are of consistent quality and superior performance.


In-house Manufacturing

In-house manufacturing allows us to facilitate the fabrication of inventory items and fully take control of product quality. You can focus on your core competencies better if you can hand off some of your business to us.


Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Facilities & Technology

At Wristcoat, we have invested significant R&D to create the most fashionable style and develop the most efficient manufacturing process. We never stop pursuing a higher profitable and economical solution, as we want our clients can benefit the most from us.


Stringent Quality Control

We are serious about clothing quality. A team of in-house quality controllers executes quality control at regular interval to make sure that every item we make is appliant to your standard. We have our own quality management system to control the product quality.



Starting from a draft design of your product, and taking account of your brand identity, our team of designers and engineers will take the time to understand your needs. As a result, we can ensure your 100% satisfaction by delivering cost-efficient and environmental-friendly solutions.

Looking For A Reliable Sportswear Manufacturer?

Let us help brands grow their business with our keen on keeping up with the lastest trends in the clothing industry.